The Ultimate Gear List: 7 Cool Gadgets & Accessories

There are several gadgets and gears you can get for yourself or to gift someone. The emerging technology is introducing new gadgets and gears. Most of the gadgets are very common among people, but you may not know some other best gadgets. Here is the list of cool gadgets and accessories that you might want to use.

1- Apple Watch Edition- Base Station

Apple Watch Edition
Designed by

If you are searching for the best gift for a gadget lover, then there may not be the perfect fit than this wireless charging base station. It is designed for multiple devices, and you can also charge your Apple Watch with iPhone and AirPods. This amazing gadget brings easiness for your devices and allows you to have an excellent gadget experience. It is beautiful and durable, and a true gadget lover will surely like the invention.

2- Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A noisy headphone will make you irritated. If you are a music lover and spend most of the time listening to your playlist, this headphone is for you or some other music lover you want to gift. It comes with unique features, the design is beautiful, and the noise-canceling premium feature removes noise from the headphones, it provides a clear sound with exceptional bass.

This headphone is easy to put on and comes with comfortable ear cups that keep your ear out of headphone’s pressure. So you can enjoy your music without a noisy sound. This is a wireless headphone with a mic to make calls and gives an amazing performance.

3- Nest WIFI System By Google

Nest WIFI System By Google

Wifi has become essential for every home, and you need perfect wifi speed and coverage to perform your daily online tasks. But if your wifi has bad signals or it does not cover your entire home, then it might be a difficult situation for you. You may get late in completing your office work or college assignments. Google nest wifi device is an amazing invention that allows you to use the internet with full strength.

Moreover, if you are looking for a wifi mesh system to cover your entire home, or you have a plan to add a smart speaker, but you are not sure which mesh system is suitable for your home, Google nest allows you to combine the whole family routers with wifi extenders.

This is an impressive performer; most of the people found it fast enough according to their requirements. It comes with a router and two access points. You need to install this device inside your home, and it will cover every corner of the house.

4- 8-Inch Subwoofer

8-Inch Subwoofer

The 8-Inch subwoofer is another best gadget on this list. This is an excellent speaker for your vehicle or your room. If you have a small space but need a quality sound, this speaker will give you an amazing performance. It is easy to fit anywhere and can be mounted in a very short time.

It provides a clear sound with impressive bass quality while the built-in speaker in your vehicle is not designed to bear the pressure of bass. They might get damaged with such intense pressure, but an 8-inch subwoofer is far better than those company’s speakers. It keeps the sound inside your car, so no one outside of the vehicle may get disturbed.

Additionally, the sound is so loud and smooth without any noise. You can also use this gadget into your room, just set a pair of these beautiful speakers, and you are all set to listen to the quality music. Read more about the best 8-Inch subwoofer at

5- Self Watering Plant

Self Watering Plant

Watering a plant is essential, but if you stay out of home all day and come back late or you have to go on a trip or business tour for few days, then it won’t be easy to keep your plant healthy. This self-watering plant invention is the best solution for the people who face such a nuisance. This is an amazing gadget that takes care of all your plants.

This planter comes with an LED light to and uses it according to the plant’s need; it left no hectic work for you. It comes with cartridges for nutrients and seeds, just set the cartridges, and it is good to go. If you want to plant something else, then you need to replace the seed cartridge with the desired plant’s seed, and for the nutrients, you also need to refill the cartridge, and the planter will take care of the rest.

6- Red Dot

The red dot is designed for shooting or hunting, and it gives you perfect vision. This is the best example of engineering that provides an amazing performance. It allows you different brightness levels that you can adjust according to your need, and the impressive zoom features make your target more convenient to shot. It works with a battery that has an approximate life of 50,000 hours.

This is entirely different than typical iron sights, these traditional iron sights are simple mechanical parts, and they have nothing more to do. You cannot consider them a perfect fit when you have this amazing microprocessor Red Dot to hit the target well. Here you can find some of the best Red Dots.

7- Child Tracker

Child Tracker

Every parent wants to protect their children, and they put all possible efforts to make this job done with perfection, but after making all these efforts, you miss some moments. This child tracker gadget is the perfect solution for all parents to keep track of their children’s activities. It will be giving you the current location of your children. If they move from the trusted locations, you will immediately get a notification on your mobile app with the location map, so it will be more comfortable to access them. It has no limits for the distance, and it is the best for the kids who are old enough to play outside, but a little too young may have a cellphone.


Many gadgets can help you in doing several different tasks, and you can find devices that are useful for protection as well. If you know how to use them and which gadget is the best for a particular situation, then you will have an amazing life experience.



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