Laminate flooring was first introduced in the 1970’s. It comprises synthetic material layers made to look like stone or wood. Due to its durability and low cost, it quickly became a popular choice and is gathering a prominence as a reasonable alternative to the real wood flooring.

Since it first came into the market, laminate today has come a long way and it appearance and quality is continually improving with a lot of options now, more than ever before available. In order to find out whether this is the right flooring type for your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and budget, first look at the below mentioned pros and cons of Laminate flooring.

There Is An Option For Virtually Every Style!

All laminate floorings have a core layer that is topped by an image layer. Digitally enhanced picture of natural material is embedded to imitate everything from concrete natural stone to exotic hardwoods. It comes in several different lengths, widths, and colors and even the texture is embossed to give the flooring a realistic feel.


Laminate wood flooring is almost half the price of real wood flooring and just like the original one you will find a wide range of varied quality. Some of the laminate floorings look more genuine like than the others and some are less realistic in terms of thickness making them distinctly possible to become ragged sooner than the higher quality products.

….But It Cannot be Refinished!

In spite of the technological evolutions in laminate flooring, it however still gets its look entirely from the image layer, which cannot be refinished or sanded when it starts wearing out. On the other hand, wood can surely be revived several times during its life span with the potentiality to last decades.

Varying Resilience and Durability

Yes, the laminate flooring cannot be refinished and that’s why a lot of you might wonder about its life Span. Thankfully, it is highly durable and can withstand high traffic, scratches, dents, stains, and sun fading. And if any piece gets damaged, you can always replace the individual damaged plank. However, if you are unable to pull out the plank, mending the dent or scratch can be a tricky task.

Most of the manufacturers assign Abrasion Criteria (AC) rating to each product, which specifies the usages and other details they can hold up to. The higher the ratings, the more durable the product will be.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Oak laminate flooring is fairly easy to install and is quite popular with the DIYers. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain, generally, all you need is the plain water to clean it. Once in a while for thorough cleaning you can use the commercial cleaner.


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