Washing machines are now an integral part of any urban household. If you are looking forward to buying one, getting into the complexity of deciding the most appropriate washer for your abode is common. Multiple factors need to be considered as different models offer a different level of functionality. You should be able to analyse or know them before you pay the final amount. Let us discuss them below one by one.

  1. Type and Budget:

Before you begin looking for a Best Washing Machine, the very first concern is whether you want an Automatic or a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine. The major difference between them is Semi-Automatic Washers are less expensive but require more manual effort. You have to shift the load from the washing tub to the dryer on your own. Automatic variants are more reliable, just pick a wash program, put the clothes in the tub and everything from the beginning to end is going to be managed by the machine itself. The price variation is not so heavy. Semi-Automatic Washing Machines ranges from 8000 INR to 15000 INR while the span for Automatic Machines (Top Load) stays between 10,000 INR to 25,000 INR.

  1. Top Load Automatic/Front Load Automatic:

If you decide to buy Fully Automatic Washing Machines, the next question is which one? It comes in Front Load and Top Load Setup. Front Loaders are energy efficient, provide better cleaning & spinning pace but they are expensive. Front-loaders are badly ergonomically designed and people often complain about experiencing mold smell from the washing container.

Top Loaders are not expensive but lower-end models are known to be harsher on the textile. Go for a high-end Top Loader with an impeller to enjoy high-quality cleaning and less fabric damage. You can get a nice top loader with all the required latest technologies at an economical price range approximately equal to the price of a basic front loader.

  1. Capacity: 

Capacity is another important factor after you decide which type of washing machine you want. It is directly proportional to the number of persons in your family. The bigger the family, the bigger is the loading capacity you need. If you are a family of

2-3, go for 6 KG Capacity

3-5, go for (7 to 8) KG Capacity

>5, go for (9 or greater than 9) KG Capacity

  1. Spinning Speed:

Spin speed refers to the drying efficiency of the machine. It is calculated in RPM. The higher the RPM, the higher is going to be the drying capability of the dryer.

  1. Size:

Whether you are buying offline or online, you have to know the dimensions of the space where you are going to place the washing machine. Houses with compact laundry spaces need to consider this on a priority basis. Prefer buying a washer at least one foot less than the size of your washing space.

  1. Energy Saving Technologies:

We are always concerned about energy consumption. New-age technologies aim at giving a permanent resolution to this. Inverter technology from Samsung and LG automatically senses the load and runs the washing machine at the most optimum speed. The goal is to use only the required amount of energy concerning the load size and all this results in a valuable shift in power bills.

  1. Fabric Oriented Wash Programs and Temperature level control:

Look for the number and types of wash programs in the appliance. Make sure you buy one which has enough programs for different fabric types.

The temperature level controller helps in using different water temperatures for different types of fabric. For example, using the warmest possible setting while washing during a coronavirus pandemic is recommended by various health organizations across the Globe.

  1. Smart Sensing Technologies

There is a bundle of latest technological features new-age washing machines aims to provide to the consumer and some of them are really useful. We have tried to mention the most useful ones below:

8.1. Auto Detergent Recommendation

Detergent Dosage recommendation from whirlpool is a real problem solver. It was one of the most difficult tasks to decide on how much detergent is appropriate for different load sizes during different times. You just have to put the load inside the tub and the machine would automatically indicate to you the right amount of detergent required.

8.2. LG ThinQ

This is one of its kind experiences by LG smart washing machines. By downloading LG ThinQ App, users can use the immediate customer care support. It can also activate rapid technician visits if required and do much more. You could also operate the appliance by controlling it through the app.

8.3. Samsung Smart Check

It runs an automatic audit with the use of a Smartphone App and offers easy troubleshooting solutions in case of minor errors adding convenience in use.

8.4. Fuzzy Logic:

This is one of the common features in automatic variants of the Washing Machine. If you are not a regular washing machine user and do not get into the mess of choosing the right wash cycle and programs. Fuzzy Logic is the answer. Sensors automatically detect the different conditions like the load size, fabric type and dirt extent and run the most appropriate washing conditions automatically.

8.5. Pre-Soak:

This Functionality helps in soaking the clothes just before the operation begins. It helps in increasing the cleaning performance and delivers dirt-free clothes after each wash.

8.6. Service Centres:

Bigger franchises like Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool have available service centers across almost every pin code of India. Still, it is advisable to know the quality of services in your area by a particular brand.


A Washing Machine is not a short term use appliance. We recommend choosing the most appropriate one after acquiring the knowledge of the basic specifications you must look for. The above-listed parameters are enough to be sure

I hope you find this article helpful and if you have any questions coming up in your mind. Please let us know, we would be more than happy to help.


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