Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity to show off your style. Whether you love cozy sweaters, thick leggings, or layered scarves, there are endless ways to put together outfits that show off your curves and make you feel gorgeous. Here are seven super stylish winter looks that you’ll never want to take off.

1: Belted Pants with Patterned Blazer

Rock a pair of high-waisted, belted pants and match them with a patterned blazer for a look that’s chic and put together. The high waist and belt, coupled with the hourglass lines of the blazer, draws the eye to your waist and provides you with a balanced silhouette. Finish off the look with a plain shoulder bag, and you’ll be ready for anything from brunch to a job interview.

Don’t forget a pair of neutral pumps to keep the focus on the pattern of your blazer. Also, keep your jewelry subtle; think long necklaces to mirror the neckline of your blouse or even just a set of simple crystal studs.

2: Parka with Skinnies and Boots

Every woman needs a solid pair of skinny jeans in her wardrobe. Keep this versatile item casual with a parka to ward off chills and a pair of chunky boots to get your through the snow. Toss on a graphic tee or a turtleneck underneath the jacket, and you’re ready to face any winter weather.

Layer up your scarves so that, when you close your parka, your neck is toasty warm with piles of fabric. Carry along a large tote bag to hold your stuff and possibly stash those scarves when you go inside.

3: Slip Dress with a Turtleneck

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t wear dresses. Try layering a spaghetti strap slip dress underneath a turtleneck to stay both warm and stylish. The slip dress is fun and flirty, which balances well with the solid base of the turtleneck.

Finish the look with a pair of ankle booties and a long necklace for a cute and classy outfit. The ankle boots add a dash of seriousness that helps ground this ensemble. A long necklace helps draw the eye vertically, keeping the focus on your torso.

4: Trench Coat with Trousers and Pumps

You can’t go wrong with a trench coat in winter. This classic coat makes use of a belt at your waist to show off your curves, making you look like you stepped off the set of a detective movie. Wear the coat with a pair of trousers to finish off this polished look, and you’ll feel like the most stylish woman on the street.

Don’t forget your shoes! A pair of plain pumps makes this a dressy, yet comfortable, outfit. Match your shoes to your purse, and you’ll look so put together everyone will wonder how you pull it off.

5: Floral Dress and Combat Boots

Shake up the traditional definitions of “feminine” by wearing a floral dress with chunky boots. The print brings a feeling of spring to the cold winter months and can act not only as a beautiful base for an outfit but also as an instant mood booster. Instead of ballet flats or heels, rock a pair of combat boots. These will keep your feet warm as they provide a welcome balance to the gentle florals.

Your accessories should be plain to keep the focus on your dress. Try a brown leather bag and a simple silver bangle or perhaps a pair of gemstone studs in your ears.

6: Cropped Sweater with Leather Leggings

To really make a statement, start with a brightly colored cropped sweater. Match the sweater with a dramatic pair of dark leather leggings for a look that’s fun and grabs attention. Or, if you favor your lower half, choose brightly colored leather leggings and make the cropped sweater a darker shade.

Finish off your outfit with a pair of boots and a large tote, and you’re sure to be the focal point of the room. This is another outfit that benefits from understated jewelry. Utilize a simple band ring or pair of gold hoop earrings to keep the focus on the rest of your dramatically beautiful outfit.

7: Thigh-High Boots with Leggings and an Open Cardigan

We can’t talk about affordable boutique clothing without mentioning thigh-high boots. Every woman should have a pair of these sexy boots in their wardrobe. Keep it classy by rocking a pair of comfortable leggings underneath them. The focus of this look is the boots, so stick to neutral colors on your lower half.

An open cardigan is a perfect way to finish this outfit. Wear it over a plain v-neck t-shirt to show off your curves while balancing the boots. Top everything off with a slouchy beanie, and you’ll look comfortable and edgy at the same time.

Importantly, remember to avoid hiding your lovely figure under bulky layers. This winter, expand your wardrobe to include items that will keep you warm and flatter your shape!