Every company wants to provide some degree of security for both their customers and their employees when they leave and leave a building. After all, if a business does not feel safe, customers and even some in-demand employees may be inclined to pick a competitor if it is more convenient for them to park and walk to and from their building. Don’t underestimate the importance of creating a pleasant environment in which you feel safe.

Proper lighting can also help protect your business. The right lighting will not only help create a pleasant and safe environment that will help attract people to your business, but also deter criminals. Most of the criminal activity in office buildings and shopping malls takes place in parking lots. Permitted parking lights will not stop all crimes, but they can help reduce them significantly as well-lit areas are less attractive to criminals. In some cases, creating a secure environment can even help prevent potential legal action.

From the above discussion it’s easy to underestimate the importance of a well-lit parking lot. After all, you’re probably only parked at your workplace 2-4 quick times a day and only 1 of those times is likely to be in the dark. But consider where your business is located and how many accidents, thefts and kidnappings take place in shady places like dark parking lots. If you’ve forgotten where you parked your car, you may be wandering in the dark.

And even if you know where your car is, a criminal can easily jump into the passenger seat after you get into it. The likelihood of committing a crime increases as the light dims, because without the light, the culprit is not easy to spot. It also increases the likelihood of accidents (such as tripping over curbs or slipping on ice) if the lighting is disturbed, making parking a haven for unsafe activities. For all of these reasons and more, it’s important to consider adding superior parking lighting to your business or workplace.

Parking Lot Lighting

A well-lit space will provide a safer environment for local pedestrians and passers-by. You will also manage to give your employees a sense of security, especially when working late at night. Parking lot lights are an important part of all type of businesses, a part that can sometimes be a bit neglected. Good use of commercial lighting can help create a safer environment for your employees, customers and your business while also creating an attractive atmosphere. Creating a safe atmosphere is important for those working for a company and for those who choose to do business there.

Parking lot lighting protects your business. By installing lighting in your premises, you increase the safety and security of your assets. Lighting keeps intruders out of your business because there is no hideout around your property. These lights provide a safer environment for local pedestrians and passers-by. You will also manage to give your employees a sense of security, especially when working late at night.

Outdoor lighting is especially important during the months when the daylight hours are shorter as both employees and customers are frequently entering and leaving the building during the dark. Employees should feel safe coming to work and going home in the evening. Clients or customers also need to feel safe, if they don’t they may go elsewhere.

Good use of outdoor lights will also help keep the business itself safe. A burglary or break in is more likely to occur in a parking lot or business that isn’t well lit. Even if there is a security system in the building it’s better to decrease the temptation of anyone getting that far. A business with proper lighting is a far less tempting target of a number of crimes from car burglaries to vandalism.

Crimes often occur in the parking lot. If a crime occurs in your parking lot there may be a chance of a lawsuit. Businesses that do what they can to increase safety in the area are far less likely to encounter this type of situation. Parking Lot Lighting also gives your business a professional image. You can attract customers to your building and business in general if you have a well-lit parking lot.

Types of lights use as Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lights come in a variety of different ways, and you should consider what is best for your parking space before purchasing. Below are some of the options you have, as well as the benefits of considering them.

Metal halide lights

Metal halide lights are excellent in color rendering because they emit almost white light. They are efficient compared to mercury lamps, but less efficient than low pressure sodium lamps when it comes to energy use.

Mercury vapor lights

Mercury vapor lights are not so good in color rendering and give a blue-green light. The lamp life is, however, very reliable, but the illumination level decreases with the age of the lamp. The flashlights are very good in terms of energy efficiency.

High pressure sodium lights

High pressure sodium lights emit a yellowish-amber light, but the lamp life is long and the illumination level does not decrease as much even as the light ages. These lights are energy efficient, making them ideal for parking lots that need to stay lit all night.

Low pressure sodium lights

Low pressure sodium lights have an orange yellowish light and a relatively short lamp life. These lights, however, do not degrade light levels as they age, and they are very energy efficient, making them ideal for places that may need lighting throughout the day.

LED lights

LED lights are best lighting option. They are economical, energy efficient and have a wide power range, so you can choose the perfect one for your specific requirements. They serve for a long time and rarely need to be replaced for years. LED parking lights are also suitable for dark skies, making them the perfect choice for your parking space.