Top 5 Attractive Rooftop Designs Ideas

The roof is a very essential and most important element of any home. The roof protects us from wind, air, rain, or snow. Whether it’s for a house or a commercial building, the roof is the primary key of the home. Roofs give a complete look to your home. By choosing some creative design for the rooftop, you can give it a new and attractive look. It’s a fact that design and construction are the two things that may give your roof a personality and perfect look.

The appearance and creativity is the only thing keeping the design of a roof trending. Also, you have to consider many other factors like durability, energy efficiency, and insulation if you are going with Metal Garages and so much more! When you plan to replace your old roof with a new one or renovate it, be sure that you are choosing one that will change the whole look of your home.

What you have to do first know your choice, which type of design you want to make your roof. What are your needs and what factors you want to add in the very space you have? Listed below are the top 5 attractive rooftop designs ideas that you need to know before replacing your home roof.

Top 5 Attractive Rooftop Designs Ideas:

1.  Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are the most trading design nowadays. Metal roofings are becoming more popular in the residential building sectors. This is due to their easy installation, customized availability, and unique look with a comfortable feel that they bring to a home.

Metal roofs are also extremely durable and have a unique design. They create a long lifespan with a perfect shape to your new roof. They’re resistant to all weather conditions or all other forms of impact. You do not need to spend much time to clean them as they are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

You can also add solar panels on metal roofs that are great at supporting them. And if you are one of the environmental lovers, then you should know that metal roofs are 100% recyclable and can be used anywhere. Check the best designs of metal buildings at Carport Direct for the best choice.

2: Gambrel Roof:

Gambrel RoofA gambrel or barn roof is a symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. The beautiful shape of the gambrel roof can easily attract your heart; they look fantastic from the front and give your home a perfect shape and well combined with the size of the house.

The Gambrel roofs have two different slopes with reduced sides; the reduced side of this roof design includes an almost vertical, steep slope, as the slope is lower. The Gambrel roofs give a living room a loft, tower or attic because their framework is straightforward from the outside.

The Gambrel roofs are not suitable for wind areas or the regions where snowfall is very significant. Scrutinizing a gambrel roof is a good idea to assess them from the damage of heavy rainfall storms or snow. You can add light windows to add light to the additional space.

3: Butterfly Roof:

Butterfly RoofA Roof assembled in a butterfly shape is known as a butterfly roof. It has the two pieces which are fitted right to a valley, and the midsection is angled. It gives the effect of a butterfly’s wings in flight. The butterfly roof is one of the favorite modern roof styles. It is eco-friendly and has tropical home designs.

The angle of the borders of the butterfly roof allows larger windows. This gives your home lower heating bills of lighting in winter and brings an open feel to the design. If you like a unique kind of rooftop that would be rare to find then, you can go for the butterfly roof style. Butterfly Roofs are made up of wooden or metallic material generally. They can give your home a classy look and would also last you for an extended period.

4: A-shaped Roof

A-shaped RoofNow say goodbye to box style houses, and go for a new triangular one! A-frames roof designs are timeless. However, they became popular more in the 20th century; they survive for hundreds of years. They are entangled together with the ridge at the point with two descending slopes.

A-Frames were so popular in residential areas so some companies have specialization in making buildings for a frame home. Steep slopes of A-Frame roofs are an increasingly distinct advantage; they give your home a new outer look. There will not be much affection for the weather elements upon this type of roof. One drawback of A-Frames is the walls are slanted and have less space. It is an inexpensive option for new homeowners.

5: Green Roofs

With time, more people become aware of the environment and the Eco-Friendly trends. Green roofs are the latest trend to the same environment. For this type of roof style, we need a  flat roof that can completely transform into a full living garden.

Green Roofs give your home a new look with an environmentally friendly factor. You can plant your vegetables, herbs, and plants of all sorts. These roofs provide a fresh feel to your home and give a chance to have your garden. Roof garden design ideas are excellent if you want a serene, relaxing place.

The roof is the heart of your home, They will give a complete look to your home from the outside and inside too. It’s essential to have the right choice when you are planning to change or have a new roof. Here we provide you with some of the best roof design ideas that you can check out and plan your new home according to your choice.

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